San Francisco 2010
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Film Winners

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Grand Prize
F101: Out or In: It's the Same Door
Bhaumik, Arup
Winner - Cataract Complications
F14: Another Important Point to Prevent Secondary Cataract
Matsushima, Hiroyuki
Runner-Up - Cataract Complications
F6: Air: The Overlooked Viscoelastic
Dewey, Steven
Winner - Cataract/Implant Surgery
F50: Phaco Tip Operation: Cavitation and Microfluidics
Zacharias, Jaime
Runner-Up - Cataract/Implant Surgery
F37: Toric IOL: Axis Marking Options and Implantation Technique
Kermani, Omid
Winner - Glaucoma Surgery
F55: Safe and Effective Technique to Tackle Lens-Induced Glaucoma in Developing World
Venkatesh, Rengaraj
Runner-Up - Glaucoma Surgery
F139: The Canaloplasty
Schmickler, Stefanie
Winner - In-House Productions
F65: Recurrent Vitreous Hemorrhage
Hoffman, Richard
Runner-Up - In-House Productions
F59: Through–the–Bag Fixation of Single-Piece Aspheric IOL Exchange to Treat Spherical Aberration
Benjamin, Larry
Winner - Instruments & Devices/IOLs
F83: Microincisional Surgery of Subluxated Lenses with Modified Capsular Tension Ring
Malyugin, Boris
Runner-Up - Instruments & Devices/IOLs
F76: A Brand New Multifocal IOL Technology: Benjamin Franklin's Idea From Past to Present
Alió, Jorge
Winner - New Producer
F102: Magic of the Blue: Trypan Blue Vital Dye for Dry Eye
Ambrosio, Renato
Runner-Up - New Producer
F171: To Boldly Go Where No Cornea Has Gone Before: Pars Plana DSEKtomy
Kamae, Kandon
Winner - New Techniques
F100: Iris Fixation of Rigid IOLs
Aravind, Haripriya
Runner-Up - New Techniques
F119: Nailing the Target Axis
Osher, Robert
Winner - Quality Teaching
F133: Peripheral Ulcerative Keratitis: Enigma for Clinicians
Fernandes, Merle
Runner-Up - Quality Teaching
F134: Grapes of Death: Uveal Dissection for Obtaining Sclerocorneal and Scleral Donor Tissue; an Anatomical Approach
González del Valle, Fernando
Winner - Refractive/Cornea Surgery
F32: Toric IOL Versus Limbal-Relaxing Incisions
Fukuyama, Eriko
Runner-Up - Refractive/Cornea Surgery
F179: Formation of Fern-Like Crystalloids from Tears of Healthy and Dry-Eye Patients
Traipe, Leonidas
Winner - Special Interest
F175: Lens Surgery in Marfan Syndrome
Prasad, Som
Runner-Up - Special Interest
F168: Ocular Surface Squamous Neoplasia: Tips and Tricks
Honavar, Santosh