San Francisco 2010
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F18: Pediatric Traumatic Subluxated Cataract
F19: Carouseling: It's in the Bag
F20: Phacoemulsification Without Hydroprocedures
F21: Vitreous and Cataract Surgery
F22: Orientation of Toric IOL: Evolution from Screen Transparencies to Standardized Limbal and Axis Tracking
F23: New Challenge: Cataract After Iatrogenic and Traumatic Posterior Capsule Tear
F24: Tips to My 5-Minute Cataract Surgery
F25: Tips and Tricks an accommodative IOL injection
F26: Multifocal IOL Implantation in 2-Year-Old Child with Monocular Cataract and Intermittent Exotropia
F27: Topical Phacoemulsification, Primary Posterior Capsulotomy, and Foldable IOL in Micropththalmos, High Myopia, and Nystagmus
F28: Corneal Incisions in BMICS Technique
F29: Cataract Phacoemulsification in Conjunctival Flap
F30: Cataract Incisions: 3, 2, 1, 0
F32: Toric IOL Versus Limbal-Relaxing Incisions
F33: Multiple Steps in Satisfactory Outcome of Successful Pseudophakia in Glaucomatous Anterior Chamber Phakic IOL
F34: Chop the Right Way
F35: Cosmetic Iris Implants: Serious Complications and Removal Technique
F36: Surgical Tips for Using 2.2 mm Microinsional Phaco System
F37: Toric IOL: Axis Marking Options and Implantation Technique
F38: Conquering Capsule Plaques
F39: Pig Eye Model for Modern Sutureless Manual Cataract Surgery
F40: What is the Advantage of Torsional Low-Vacuum Phacoemulsification?
F41: Viscopersuasion: Viscoelastic Mediated Cleanup of Stubborn Cortex
F43: Double Cow-Hitch Suture Fixation to Prevent Suture Slippage in Transscleral Sutured Foldable Posterior Chamber IOLs
F44: Angle Kappa: The Angle to the Mystery of Multifocal IOLs
F45: Once in West
F46: Management of a 1-Year-Old Infant with Bilateral Cataract, Microphthalmos, and Iris Abnormalities: Phaco Without IOL, Contact Lenses, and Visual Recovery
F47: Combined Penetrating Keratoplasty and Iris-Sutured Posterior Chamber IOL Implantation
F48: Optimizing Refractive Outcomes in Complex Post- Keratorefractive Cataract Cases Guided by Intraoperative Aberrometry
F49: Phacoemulsification: Rock 'n' Roll Technique
F50: Phaco Tip Operation: Cavitation and Microfluidics