San Francisco 2010
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F2: Did I Choose the Right Time for the Ring?
F3: Rhexis Blues
F4: Handling Capsule Ruptures in Multifocal IOLs
F5: Dissatisfaction After Multifocal IOL Implantation
F6: Air: The Overlooked Viscoelastic
F7: Needle Free, 4-Point Fixated, Small-Incision Sutured IOL
F9: Complications in Phacoemulsification Surgery With and Without Reconversion of Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis of Radial Extension
F10: Addressing Biometry Surprises in Premium IOL Patients with IOL Exchange
F11: Multiple Small-Bite Sphincter Incisions Using Coaxial Capsule Scissors
F12: Anterior Vitrectomy Master Class
F13: Overcoming Pediatric Challenges
F14: Another Important Point to Prevent Secondary Cataract
F15: The Broken Capsule
F16: Fishing for Pearls (Elschnig) Inside the Capsular Bag
F17: Living on the Edge: IOL Dislocations and Their Management